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Chile’s Maule Valley

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One hundred and sixty miles from Santiago, in the hills of the Maule Valley where the climate is perfect for grape growing, It’s an area where sustainable and sensitive growing practices are employed, in all aspects of wine making.  The climate has been described as midway between that of California and France.

Cabernet Sauvignon’s from this valley are known for their history and elegance, and often show a tell-tale hint of mint. The Maule Valley, in particular, is known for its superb reds.  Chilean wines have now become the number 1 most imported wines in Vietnam. If you plan on visiting Vietnam, you might need a visa.

Our Sauvignon Blanc is crisp, quite intense and very aromatic, combing the zesty citrus fruits found in many of the New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs and the herbaceous characteristics found in French wines. Chile’s natural climates are a big part of its success in the wine world. Cool ocean breezes and bright sunny days are a perfect combination for growing grapes throughout a long season.

According to the Chilean government, 7m people worldwide drink a glass of Chilean wine every day.One of our favorite wine writers, Isabelle Legeron, summed up our wonderful valley beautifully.“I witnessed firsthand that the North to South Chilean diversity of terroirs is only the tip of the iceberg. There is a plethora of tiny pockets of very different growing conditions dotted along the transversal axis. The cold air stemming from the Humboldt Current, the morning coastal fog hugging the ancient coastal range and the cool Andean air have more impact than latitude.  Chile is indeed a viticultural paradise and has perfected the process of winemaking”.

There can be no doubt that the Maule Valley climate and environmental conditions afford our winemaker the opportunity to plant a diversity of grape varietals that subsequently produce fine quality wines unlike any other in the world.…

6 Tips For Availing The Best Wine & Bar Services

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Most of the individuals are interested in having drinks and different types of wines. For all these things, the individuals need to visit some specific places. These types of places or service providers are known as the bars. In the bars, people can get a huge variety of wine and enjoy different types of drinks.

For availing the proper services, the individuals need to check out lots of factors. They need to visit the best bar in the city. It can be possible by paying attention to some basic things. Mainly these things are helpful in comparing options and availing lots of other benefits. Following details can help you in getting proper guidance for choosing the best service provider.

Service provided

Before visiting a bar, the individuals are required to take help from different types of things. They should gather all possible details related to the bar and its services. Everyone is required to be focused on the services provided by the bar.

You should check out all types of services. In case an option is not offering proper services then you should eliminate it from the list. For such a task, the individuals are able to take help from the online sources and read reviews related to the bar.

The environment in the bar

The environment inside the bar is playing the most important role. Some bars are not able to maintain a suitable environment. As a result, the individuals may face the irritation creating conditions in the front. These things are not beneficial in enjoying the free time.


Almost all types of bars are providing the music services. These types of services are beneficial for enjoying lots of things when individuals are having wine or other drinks. With it, some bars are also including a dance floor. All these elements are providing better services and a great experience.


The staff that is appointed by the bar should include good behaving individuals. These types of individuals should be friendly to the customers and providing numerous other benefits. The individuals those are well educated, they should be selected as the staff of the bar. In case the bar is including staff which behaves rudely with customers then you should avoid these types of options.


Goodwill is the most important fact for choosing the best wine and bar service providers. The goodwill of a company is based on the quality of services provided by them and some other things. With the help of all these things, the individuals can estimate the quality of services provided by the bar.


The individuals are required to consider the bar that has a license to serve alcoholic products. In case the bar is not registered then you should not visit these types of places.

Final expression

Everyone is required to consider these factors properly. The way of these factors is beneficial in finding a name of the best bar service provider at your place. Choose the best bar and enjoy your drinks properly.…